Innovation nvironment


BNC provides industry-oriented professional technical training and academic training for undergraduate education as well.

 1 professional training

1.1 BNC offers NGB industry professional training for professional and technical personnel in the industry, to achieve the following goals:

l grasp of the latest technological developments of the  broadcasting industry, understanding the NGB core concepts;

l understand the NGB solutions from networking technology, key equipment to the system technology;

l understand NGB building programs and the implementation of the trial network in Shanghai;

l familiar with NGB new business platforms and business applications;

l share the NGB success stories, on-site experience on NGB network environment.

 1.2 courses

l Shanghai NGB demonstration network-building program

l Coaxial broadband access technology

l iPON cable bridge system solutions of NGB network

l NGB full-service era

l NGB business platform architecture and key technologies

l NGB typical courses on success stories

 2 academic training

BNC provides academic training for undergraduate education. A new undergraduate field – “Broadcasting communications network engineering” has been setup by BNC and the Shanghai University of Engineering colleges.