1. China-Finnish cooperation projects

BNC has international cooperationwith Finland Since 2007. The main content of cooperation include: the application and popularization of the key technologiesof China-Finnish ICT testbed Cooperation, the research and demonstration of UCD community health services, information and communication technology-based health, aging care areas.



2. The China-Finnish cooperation photoes

Interactive TV service Summit Forum and "HiUTV" platform publishing and international exchanges congress was held on November 8, 2007. Acollection of more than 40 well-known domestic and international enterprises attended the congress. The summit not only invited foreign companies to participate, including: the Finnish National Technology Bureau, Tekes, Forum Virium Helsinki, Idean, Fromdistance, Teleste, ICAREUS, ThinkOptics, but also was reported by newspapers, magazines, and other media.



 At 9 o'clock on the October 14, under the leadership of the Finnish Foreign Ministry officials, the Finnish ICT delegation of more than 20 members visited BNC. Most of the enterprises are leading companies of Finland ICT field. The main purpose of this visit is for Finnish companies looking for cooperation projects and development opportunities in China, as well as in-depth understanding of the Shanghai dominant enterprises. BNC hosted the Finnish foreign guestsas the representatives of broadband access network field



 3 China-Singapore cooperation projects

Based on the new digital media development needs, BNC carried out interactive digital media technology, applications, services & content of research and developmenttowards China, Singapore, Asia and the world market. We build the ICT testbed in Singapore through technical output, displaying and promoting the HiUTV platform outside China to further promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of China.


4、China-Singapore cooperation photoes