BNC Introduction

    National Engineering Research Center for Broadband Networks & Applications (hereinafter refers to “BNC”) ,which was established based on Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Broadband Technologies & Applications, represents the highest level engineering technical research institute in information and network area in China.

    In September 2004, BNC was established as an enterprise research institute and a public technical service platform. Through 3 years preparation and development, BNC was granted as the national engineering research center by Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST).

    In 2005, BNC became “Federated Testing and Debugging Base” and “Integrated Demonstration Platform” in the communication area in National High-Tech R&D program (863 Program).

    In August 2010, BNC was listed of first “Technical Innovation Service Platforms” in Shanghai.

    BNC built “Next Generation Network and Service National Testbed”. Through the continued supports from MOST, local governments, and operators, National Testbed now connects about 10 provinces such as Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Hubei, which has the center in western Shanghai. National Testbed covers one million actual users, consists of Federated Testing and Debugging Environment, Inlab Testing Environment, MAN Equipment Testing Environment for Megacity, Long-distance Backbone Network Equipment Testing Environment (over 1000km), Access Network Equipment Testing Environment (over 10k users), Inter-regional Service Testing Environment (over 100k actual users), and is able to conduct almost all kinds of information communication testing and piloting. National Testbed is the only one national-level third party testing platform and research infrastructure and has been facilitated the first piloting of High-Performance Broadband Information Network (3TNet), Beyond 3G, Next Generation Broadcasting Network (NGB), and other national projects.

While conducting the research and testing based on National Tesbed, BNC also cooperates with related organizations to establish:

    (1) Cable Network Joint Lab: In 2006, State Administration of Radio, File, and Television (SARFT) first attempted to cooperate with local institute. Its subsidiary, Academy of Broadcasting Science, collaborated with BNC to establish Cable Network Joint Lab to create the entire industry chain which covered key technology research, standard, system developing, trial network developing, and commercialization.

    (2) Shanghai Interactive Media Joint Open Lab: In 2006, BNC, Shanghai Media Group, Fudan University jointly established Shanghai Interactive Media Joint Open Lab. Each party invested on value-added service integrated support system development, standard drafting, and testing.

    (3) Shanghai ATCA Core Common Technical Platform: In 2007, under the support of STCSM, BNC cooperated with Intel and other international enterprises and organizations and established Shanghai ATCA Core Common Technical Platform. The platform now is the only CP-TA authorized testing lab which is the authority in ATCA compatibility testing area in Asian-Pacific area.

    (4) NGB Core Facility: In 2009, BNC cooperated with Shanghai University of Engineering Science and China Cable Television Association and established national-level NGB Core Facility to provide technical training and service for Cable TV operators and other related technicians.

    BNC has a team which consists of more than 100 experts, researchers, and senior developers in field of communication and digital media. The major research areas includes Triple-play and network infrastructure, next generation high-reliability network architecture, network of things, wired and wireless convergence communication technology, green communication technology, and innovated network technology large-scale testing, and etc.

    BNC participated and finished in many national and local research projects. On the aspect of national project, BNC undertook the integration, testing, and piloting of “High-Performance Broadband Information Network (3TNet)” which was the major project of High-Tech R&D Project of China (863 Program) in 2006, undertook “New Generation High-Reliability Network” of 863 program in 2008, undertook “Core Electronic Devices, High-end General Chips and Basic Software Products Program” and “New Generation Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication” project, participated in “Community Information Service Demonstration based on 3TNet” and “Interactive New Media Network and New Service Scientific Project”.

    BNC was granted the 1st prize of Shanghai Sci-Tech Progress Award in 2007, 2nd prize of National Sci-Tech Progress Award in 2008, and 3rd prize of Shanghai Sci-Tech Progress Award in 2008.

    BNC is very concerned about the achievements commercialization and the promotion of related industries. The self-developed NGB access network system was granted as “Self-innovated Product” because of its advantages and compliance with cable network upgrade.

    Technical innovation public service platform is the basic functionality of BNC. So far it has provide testing services for about 100 enterprises in the world and facilitate the commercialization and the development of industry.

    In order to satisfy the demand of industry, through the cooperation with universities, research institutes, BNC provides training services such as short-term training, international cooperation, and undergraduate/postgraduate education program.

    Through the development of global innovation environment, BNC makes the National Testbed get into the international innovation service system, and create a long collaborate relationship with Singapore, Korea, and Japan in Asian, Finland, German, and Spain in Europe, and U.S.A, which facilitates the Chinese technologies go into the global market.